Thursday, 6 May 2010

business cards

I have designed business cards for me, to put in my end of year exhibition so people can take them and they will have my details. Sending them for printing next week. How exciting!

On another note, mocked these up on my trusty cheap HP Photosmart C4280, which is ace, and I recommend! Anyway, it has printed an unbelievable amount better than WWSOTA's super expensive laser extreme printer. Chuffed.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


The Green Bower mini garage at Slebech had a mini cage! And I went and asked them if I could put my old mini in it for a picture in my book (mentioned in the last post) and they agreed! So Henrietta was jailed for a little while.

more mini's

These are a couple of pages from a project I did last year, a little mixed media book set in the time period of a day called; Mini Adventures in Pembrokeshire.

missing out

My fellow mini clubbers are off to Newquay tomorrow to participate in the Riviera Run and Newquay mini festival, Henrietta is very sad she cannot go frolic. So is Jen. But here is a picture from my last mini adventure, to the top of the Black Mountains. Sunshine and mini's is fab.


I like little birds, was doodling with a quill and ink a while ago and drew this sparrow, then I coloured him in in photoshop.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

new project

My current project involves designing a book cover, and I think this may be the final one. I can't see anymore, I've looked at it too much. But I think I might like it.


These are pictures of my boyfriend Ben, I made him model for shots of my surfboard designs, I designed 3 surfboards, each inspired by a different Pembrokeshire beach; Whitesands, Newgale and Fresh West.


These are some photos that I took ages taking and photoshopping, of a project I did for my HND. The brief was to create Christmas packaging for anything. I picked Brewdog, and invented three imaginary beers named after films that are always on telly at Christmas; The Italian Job, The Great Escape and Zulu.

converse packaging

This is quite a cheesy photo of me and my converse bags at the HND Design exhibition at Pembrokeshire College last year. They were the outcome of a brief to design new packaging for Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. I drew the design, then photoshopped it, then screenprinted it onto cotton, then sewed them all together. I am most proud of them.

the point.

I'm quite excited about having a blog. But the point of it was so I could put my uni work on the internet whilst I'm building my website. So thats what I shall do. Now.


I have recently discovered Lomography, it is my new favorite thing, so i purchased a Lomography ActionSampler, which is a camera that splits an old fashioned 35mm film into four pictures, and takes them in sequence in a second, so when I send them for developing I get four pictures on one print. Is my explanation rubbish? I shall attempt to upload some of my pictures, as I haven't stopped photographing everything since it arrived...

Go look at their website!

hello world

I've never had a blog before, and I'm not quite sure how it works. But hopefully I'll work it out soon, and have some pictures and stuff to show the world.